Santander Showcase is an online platform for the arts, creativity and technology in Santander (Spain) designed and developed by ACDOS Actividad Contemporánea.

We select with expert judgment the most innovative creators, especially those using new technologies, and authors from all creative disciplines who work in connection with market dynamics. We follow their work over time to communicate in a global context.

Santander Showcase produces original materials, especially documentary videos and informative texts and includes images and links proposed by the authors with an attitude of making available, to feed the creative process and generate new audiences. We organize events and develop communication activities specialized in social media and other networks for the greater community of fans and consumers interested in the arts, creativity, culture and technology.

Contributing to the Santander brand reputation as a creative city is also one of our primary missions. For this reason, Santander Showcase has enjoyed from the beginning the support of the Fundación Santander Creativa.

On the other hand, Santander Showcase has been subsidized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport in its call for aid to the innovation of cultural industries.