Beusual participated in the project “Aquí, Ahora, Abecedario” of Desvelarte 2013

Bezanilla Beusual KyrieEleison

Designer Gerardo Bezanilla, middle part of the design studio Beusual, has been one of the 27 creators reinterpreting the letters of the alphabet for the project “Aquí, Ahora, Abecedario” of the urban art festival Desvelarte 2013.

The intervention of Bezanilla has consisted of the creation of the piece “KyrieEleison”, which can be viewed at Lealtad Street in Santander. The name of the piece refers to an anciente expression widely used by the Christian liturgy.

“Aquí, Ahora, Abecedario”, curated by art consultant COLAR.TE, integrates the programme of “Huellas 2013” of Desvelarte festival,  multidisciplinary event aimed to promoting permanent artistic interventions in the urban space of Santander and which has celebrated his fifth edition in the present year 2013. Is an initiative organized by the Cultural Association of Independent Artists (ACAI), supported by Fundación Santander Creativa.

The interventions promoted by “Aquí, Ahora, Abecedario”, has counted also with the participation of Antonio Fuente, component together with Gerardo Bezanilla of Beusual, as well as other 25 artists linked to graphic design world in Cantabria: Rubén Martínez, Bruno Ochaíta, Fernando Navarro, Javier Asín, Carmen Quijano, Carlos Abascal, Isabel de la Sierra, Zaira Rasillo, Aitor Ochoa, Mariola Moreno, Juan Arredondo, Emmanuel Gimeno, Laura Escallada, Isthar, Pablo López, Samuel Martínez, Laureno Grossi, Carlos Mora, Patricia Zotes, Laura Irizábal, Iris Castillo, Isabel Torre, Ander Sánchez, María Sáez and Andrea Gómez have contributed to the project.

Photo: The piece “KyrieEleison”, created by Gerardo Bezanilla/Desvelarte