Templeton born in Torrelavega (Cantabria) in 2002, but they are settled now in Madrid from several years. The band is made up of Álvaro Martínez (voice), Santiago Castillo (guitar and chorus), Brian Hunt (guitar and chorus), Javier Carrasco (keyboard and

Cuca Nelles

Cuca Nelles is an artist whose work is based on a thoroug knowledge of pictorial techniques, she shows a contemporary attitude and a concern for the course of life. The artist creates her work from her own experiences, this raises


Carmen Bartolomé is linked to music since childhood, but did not begin to compose their own songs until 2010. At this moment she becomes Mehnai, a professional musician through whom she expresses her musical knowdledge and her passion. Up to now she has

Jorge Cembranos

Jorge Cembranos has lived in Cantabria since 1990s. He works independently specializing in editorial, industrial, advertising and art photography. He also runs training courses in digital photography and image processing. A self-taught photographer, Cembranos was introduced to the world of

Óscar Lanza

Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, Óscar Lanza has recreated an imaginary singular in his sculptures and paintings, linked directly with his huge interest in horror movies, science fiction, comics and Pressing Catch. His work is developed in two

Alberto Iglesias

Actor, playwright and theatre director, Alberto Iglesias started his career in La Machina Teatro, stably participating in most of its shows. Lives in Madrid since 2002, where has developed a fruitful career that has led him work with the top

Pablo Gregor

Self-taught Pablo Gregor has been influenced from childhood by the creation of soundtracks and Visual sound atmospheres through the figure of Carl Starling, composer of most of the soundtracks of the Warner Brothers cartoons. Carlos Santana, Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman,

Soul Gestapo

Soul Gestapo has become one of the most veteran bands on the national scene after ten years and four albums released. Quality, power and elegance are some of the adjectives that identify their albums. They are oblivious to temporary fashions


Retrain is an original project of Rubén Iglesias which ideation arose in Santander more than four years ago. For its development he has based on the creative reuse of waste materials using minimum resources. His ultimate goal is to produce durable,

Sergio Sainz-Vidal

Sergio Sainz-Vidal, “Aphro”, discovered when he was young his creative side, when he went deep into the world of graffiti, collage and comic, disciplines that have influenced his later work. About ten years ago he founded with other creators “Boxabova

Pablo Bolívar

Pablo Bolívar is one of the foremost artists of the spanish electronic scene. His musical creations have a high emotional charge and differentiate to generate elegant sounds and maximum care of the details. He combines the composition with the production of

MMIT Architects

MMIT Architects Studio, integrated by Javier Terán and Montes brothers, Agustin and Alberto, chose, since its creation in 2002, to participate in public tenders as a way to address greater professional challenges. Thus, their built works stand out in the

Nacho Solana

The filmmaker Nacho Solana states interested by a narrative film with emotional impact that gives all power to the communicator capacity of actors. Feelings, humour and surprise always found their opportunity in the stories of this filmmaker trained at the

Víctor Mazón Gardoqui

Victor Mazón Gardoqui (Cantabria, 1982), Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country UPV-EHU. He works as Assistant Professor in the Experimentelle Technologien im Kunstkontext at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig (HGB-Leipzig) since 2009. His

Javier Lamela

Argentine Javier Lamela resides in Santander since 2003. He performs collaborations in books, catalogues, magazines and daily newspapers. His interest in photography is generated for his ability to create a communication with the spectator as well as convey emotions. He

José Piris

José Piris studied at the Experimental School of Design in Madrid. In the 1990s, he created his own studio, “José Piris & Asociados”, in Santander which has tackled projects for single-family houses, commercial establishment, hospitality and urban furniture designs. In

Sonia Higuera

Sonia Higuera’s work is defined by the search for the essential. Her creations evoke a symbolic language, daily experiences, the fragility of life, the memories… To do this, she resorts to the silences and unspoken tensions that are perceived in

Alfonso Borragán

Artist Alfonso Borragán highlights exploration, self-sufficiency, fiction and celebration as the most important factors of his work, that is directly related to the surrounding environment and culture. Borragán photographic work is characterized by building his own devices to capture light and secure

Manu Arregui

The work of Manu Arregui, video producer and sculptor, addresses the fascination that cause the images, expressive resources that unleashes our emotions, the circularity of arguments, aestheticisation, in short, of our visual environment. The tension between what is real and

La Machina Theater

Francisco Valcarce is the director of La Machina Theater, a professional company founded in Santander in 1991 and author of more than thirty original productions, where they think about the performing arts as a poetic pollution strategy. Individual songs with a


Beusual is a design studio created by Antonio Fuente and Gerardo Bezanilla in 2001. In their project is combined perfectly the best outstanding areas of design: graphics, identity, naming, typography, illustration, photography, interior design, scenography, interactive, etc. Their works stand


Linker is a filmmaker with a clear personal character. His cinematographic and theatrical work seat bases in the essence of the image and its poetics, presenting a complex universe where human being tries to find his place. Expressionism, existentialism and

Escena Miriñaque

Escena Miriñaque Company is geared towards the creation and divulgation of contemporary theater, new stage languages research and fusion of different cultural vanguards. Blanca del Barrio is the artistic director of a stable team of actresses composed Esther Velategui, Esther Aja


Francisco Rivas and Encarna Palazuelos lead BlancoPuro Made in Santander, a team of designers and manufacturers of furniture and interiors which raises their work on the concepts of ownership and utility. A deep exploration of the possibilities of plastic materials,