Retrain is an original project of Rubén Iglesias which ideation arose in Santander more than four years ago. For its development he has based on the creative reuse of waste materials using minimum resources. His ultimate goal is to produce durable,

Sergio Sainz-Vidal

Sergio Sainz-Vidal, “Aphro”, discovered when he was young his creative side, when he went deep into the world of graffiti, collage and comic, disciplines that have influenced his later work. About ten years ago he founded with other creators “Boxabova

José Piris

José Piris studied at the Experimental School of Design in Madrid. In the 1990s, he created his own studio, “José Piris & Asociados”, in Santander which has tackled projects for single-family houses, commercial establishment, hospitality and urban furniture designs. In


Beusual is a design studio created by Antonio Fuente and Gerardo Bezanilla in 2001. In their project is combined perfectly the best outstanding areas of design: graphics, identity, naming, typography, illustration, photography, interior design, scenography, interactive, etc. Their works stand


Francisco Rivas and Encarna Palazuelos lead BlancoPuro Made in Santander, a team of designers and manufacturers of furniture and interiors which raises their work on the concepts of ownership and utility. A deep exploration of the possibilities of plastic materials,

Cocotte Tocados

Marián Pacheco is behind Cocotte Tocados, Fine Arts Master Degree at the University of the Basque Country. A fashion enthusiast, who began his career with his friend the fashion designer Luis Alonso. She established his own firm, Cocotte, in 2008. Her knowledge