Alberto Iglesias

Actor, playwright and theatre director, Alberto Iglesias started his career in La Machina Teatro, stably participating in most of its shows. Lives in Madrid since 2002, where has developed a fruitful career that has led him work with the top

La Machina Theater

Francisco Valcarce is the director of La Machina Theater, a professional company founded in Santander in 1991 and author of more than thirty original productions, where they think about the performing arts as a poetic pollution strategy. Individual songs with a


Linker is a filmmaker with a clear personal character. His cinematographic and theatrical work seat bases in the essence of the image and its poetics, presenting a complex universe where human being tries to find his place. Expressionism, existentialism and

Escena Miriñaque

Escena Miriñaque Company is geared towards the creation and divulgation of contemporary theater, new stage languages research and fusion of different cultural vanguards. Blanca del Barrio is the artistic director of a stable team of actresses composed Esther Velategui, Esther Aja


Malabaracirco Circus and Street Theater Company shows are the result of a quest that begins in circus techniques: balance, aerial, acrobatics, juggling and object manipulation. The stage presentation of these skills is made through physical theater, clowning, gesture and movement. Founded in