“Cuarteto de Alba” with Alberto Iglesias, participate in the Festival Dferia

cuarteto de alba

Photo: Cuarteto de alba.

The play “Cuarteto de Alba” in which the actor Alberto Iglesias participates, will be represented at the Festival DFeria San Sebastián of 2014 between 10 and 13 March.

The play, directed by Lander Iglesias, is created from the text of Carlos Gil Zamora and account with Maiken Beitia, Ricardo Moya and Valery Telleche plus Alberto Iglesias. The play is presented through a lot of characters who become the voice that describes a generation of people in a social, cultural, political, specific.

The DFeria Festival begins in 1988, after several years of existence, has become one of the national festivals of reference. Its goal is to stimulate the performing arts presenting national and international proposals, with particular attention to proposals Basque and Latin American.