Cuca Nelles


Cuca Nelles is an artist whose work is based on a thoroug knowledge of pictorial techniques, she shows a contemporary attitude and a concern for the course of life. The artist creates her work from her own experiences, this raises questions like identity, childhood, disenchantment or social control.

It is clear an apparental chaos in her creations, but there is a disciplined process which starts in a rigorous selection of images from her daily life. After they are transferred to the canvas, they become new signs, and trace out a new reality; they completely lose their original meaning. Children, animals or women are defined by the artist with a fast brushstroke and strong outlines, which brings the paint an urban aesthetics with vibrant colours.

Cuca Nelles recorvers the splendor and essence of painting as a supreme means of expression and shows in her work an open attitude towards social conventions.