Premiere of “Namnala” on February 27 in Madrid



“Namnala” is the title of the last short realized by Nacho Solana wich will premiere on February 27 in the I International Festival of Shorts of Madrid, Cortópolis.

The film was shot in Santander with the support of the Government of Cantabria and  producing by Burbuja Films. The short account by Álex Ángulo, Spanish actor emphasized in the cinematographic current panorama. In addition it possesses the Gambian interpreter Babou Cham, settled in Barcelona.

With this short Nacho Solana has wanted to adapt Marcos Díez’s story, in which the message centres on the second opportunities that can have the objects and the persons, complementing itself with other messages relative to the immigration or to the way of seeing the life. A nice history centred on a man who has a electrical repair shop to which nobody comes and on which he has lost faith on that lost the faith. But one day a client does to him a strange request that returns the illusion to him on his business.

The tape will have the premiere at 20:30 in the Cinema Kinépolis of Madrid. The entry is free but it is necessary to realize the previous reservation in the following link: