Javier Lamela participates in “De par en par” exhibition at the Casyc Cultural Center

Javier Lamela "Eterno caducar"

Javier Lamela, photographer artist, participates in the exhibition “De par en par” with the painter Álvaro González. “Eterno caducar” is the titled of the photos they have created for this exhibition wich focused on the concept of ruin. They understand this concept in a double sense, as an allegory of an ideal past, the romantic view of the ruin and the contemporary view, as the collapsed of the idea of progress and its projection into an uncertain future.

During the creative process, the photographs were scanned, printed on engraving paper and intervened with acrylic paint and marker.

“Vive y trabaja en Santander” project aims to create meeting points where artist could share their own creative process. “De par en par” exhibition takes part in this project and shows twenty proposals co-created by artists with studio in Santander.

The exhibition will run until the April 24 at the Casyc Cultural Center.