Jorge Cembranos


Jorge Cembranos has lived in Cantabria since 1990s. He works independently specializing in editorial, industrial, advertising and art photography. He also runs training courses in digital photography and image processing.

A self-taught photographer, Cembranos was introduced to the world of image by the hand of Pablo Hojas, a cantabrian photographer with international activity, with whom he has worked closely in workshops at the Menéndez Pelayo International University, Polientes Foto, etc.

His author photography has an important aesthetic value, his images fluctuate between appearance and reality. There are two main interests in his work, the representation of light and perception as a game of confusion and deceit.

In recent years, Jorge Cembranos has developed both his work as teacher and advertise photographer. In this sense, it should be noted the campaign for “Savage culture”, a clothing brand.