José Piris


José Piris studied at the Experimental School of Design in Madrid. In the 1990s, he created his own studio, “José Piris & Asociados”, in Santander which has tackled projects for single-family houses, commercial establishment, hospitality and urban furniture designs. In 2004, he was awarded with the first Corian Award of Design for his intervention on the front of “Cromoduro” shop.

He conceives each project as unique and unrepeatable work, which is approachable at different scales. He seeks fusion of materials in his creations to create integrated spaces that share a common atmosphere, which provides warmth and comfort.

José Piris generates environments appropriate to their function through a careful distribution in line with the possibilities of the space, creating environments which are welcoming, spacious, bright and well communicated.

His projects advocate simplicity, transmitting as much with the minimum possible resources. To do this, he serves nice light, flowing freely through space forming a visual continuity, and sound that does not distort and contributes to space conditioning.