The “Film Archive of Cantabria” will project the short “Aptitudes” by Nacho Solana.


The short “Aptitudes” by Nacho Solana will be screened on 24 May in the Film Archive of Cantabria at 22: 30h.

The screening is part of the event “Night of Short Films,” organized by La Noche es Joven and Audiovisual Association ACUCA Cantabria, where a selection of the latest shorts from Cantabria will be screened. Will be projected  a total of 10 short films which include the short “Aptitudes” by Nacho Solana. Entry is free to fill seats.

Nacho Solana has enjoyed considerable success with the short “Aptitudes” which has been selected in many festivals, both national and international. “Aptitudes” short shot in the city of Santander, counts among its cast with Luis Oyarbide and Agustin Ruiz, and discusses the selection processes in companies, where people are chosen specially selected for their “skills”.