“A Window in Berlin” shows the work of Manu Arregui


Artist Manu Arregui participates at the exhibition A Window in Berlin (AWB), an initiative of art collectors Ángel and Clara Nieto which presents in the German capital videoart pieces done by Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American creators.

Curators have selected the video “Bonjour Baudrillard” (2004) by Arregui as one of the twelve works participating on “Identity”, first exposing cycle of the project, which will be shown during the week dedicated to the Cantabrian artist, next days 18 to 24 August at the historic Bernauer Strasse (in front of Mauer Park), one of the streets cutted off by the Berlin Wall during the Cold War.

A Window in Berlin is a not-profit project conceived to open up a space, a window, for contemporary art in Berlin. It proposes to familiarize oneself with Iberian-American views through one of the most dynamic and current forms of expression in contemporary art: video art. Videoart works will be screened at different city landmarks, which will vary according to the different stages of the project.

“Identity”, first exposing cycle of AWB, looks for what completes, developes and makes us grow, something we know intuitively but we cant express in words. It shows the works selected by collectors Ángel and Clara Nieto, creators and also curators in the first parade of the project, from last 2th of June to next 24th of August.