Manu Arregui

The work of Manu Arregui, video producer and sculptor, addresses the fascination that cause the images, expressive resources that unleashes our emotions, the circularity of arguments, aestheticisation, in short, of our visual environment.

The tension between what is real and what is virtual continuously feeds the work of this artist, an exploration of individual identity which addresses issues such as corporal and artistic beauty, the normative definition of sexual gender, ethics of renunciation or emotional instability of youth.

Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country in the specialty of Audiovisuals; Manu Arregui has participated in significant exhibitions for the Spanish art of recent years as “Trans Sexual Express”, Budapest 2002, “Bad Boys”, Venice 2003, or “Monocanal. Videos: 1996 – 2002 “, at the National Art Museum Reina Sofia in Madrid.