Carmen Bartolomé is linked to music since childhood, but did not begin to compose their own songs until 2010. At this moment she becomes Mehnai, a professional musician through whom she expresses her musical knowdledge and her passion. Up to now she has released two albums “Grab it While It ‘s Hot” (2011) and “Trust, Freebird!” (2014).

Mehnai composes inspired by the life and its complexity with the hope that their songs do not leave no one indifferent. Her voice, warm and sweet, with a delicate range, reflects the possibilities of the singer.

On stage, Mehnai performs alone with her guitar, or with her a band. She has played with musicians like Fernando Macaya, Quique González , Toño Baños, Goyo Chiquito and Pablo Fernández, among others.

Even though her style is often defined as folk-rock, Mehnai would rather not be pigeonholed into a single style, deep and full of content songs which move the audience are the mark of her personality.