MMIT Architects wins the First International Architecture Competition MAD

mmit arquitectos entrevides

Photo: MMIT Arquitectos

On Monday January 20th , MMIT Architects was proclaimed winner of the First International Architecture Competition MAD, after competing with 50 projects worldwide.

In this first edition , the contest was looking for projecting two different buildings, a restaurant and meeting place , located in a rural landscape framed by the Cordillera de los Andes and extensive vineyards, landscape that characterizes the city of Mendoza, Argentina, site that is had to locate the projects . The challenge was to combine the urban area and rural area with the criteria of sustainability, constructiveness and innovation. The dare was to combine the urban and rural sustainability criteria , constructiveness and innovation. While respecting this landscape, the project should combine the four seasons with the five senses and the four elements of nature, in such a way that is achieve to stimulate the senses in a direct way.

MMIT Architects won the award for the restaurant project called ” Entrevides ” award which re-emphasizes the Cantabrian study as a reference, such and as did his project of the Estadio El Malecón.