Óscar Lanza


Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, Óscar Lanza has recreated an imaginary singular in his sculptures and paintings, linked directly with his huge interest in horror movies, science fiction, comics and Pressing Catch.

His work is developed in two interrelated thematic lines: on the one hand, the “Freak but human” in which he explores the human side of the freak and, on the other hand, the “Human but Freak” in which he explores the geek side of human beings. He creates a dichotomy in his compositions arising from the use of irony and sense of humor in supposedly serious situations, or making reinterpretations of classics.

In his last series, “Vegetalogenesia: el ataque de los fitohumanoides”, Óscar Lanza recreates a world in which a new race of vegetable men take revenge on human beings for their innumerable abuses and replace them on Earth. In this way, he modifies the usual meanings and relationships to create imaginary universes full of characters and satirical scenes.