Pablo Bolívar

pablo bolívar

Pablo Bolívar is one of the foremost artists of the spanish electronic scene. His musical creations have a high emotional charge and differentiate to generate elegant sounds and maximum care of the details.

He combines the composition with the production of his own project, “Avant Roots”, with Sergio Sainz-Vidal “Aphro”. “Avant Roots” is a platform that collect independent artists looking for a way to make music away from the prevailing market trends.

His albums are essential “Anjanas” (2006) and “Recall” (2009), both published in the Regular label and “Motion: The Ambient Works” by “Avant Roots”.

Pablo Bolívar is also member of “Pulshar”, group with which he is going to collaborate again with Sergio Sainz. Together they have made several releases, remixes and two albums: “Brotherhood” (Phonobox 2008) and “Inside” (Desolat 2010).