Sonia Higuera opened her studio under the project “Vive y trabaja en Santander”


The artist Sonia Higuera carried out a life art activity titled “Closed Studio” last April 19. During the action, the exterior wall of her studio became a “wailing wall” where participants could write their complains about the art professionals job situation.

This activity takes part in “Vive y trabaja en Santander” project which proposes 20 artists opening their studios in Santander and invite other artists to share with them their creative processes. Each artist chose other artist with who co-create an art piece which is showed in an exhibition titled “De par en par”. Sonia Higuera has been involved doubly in this exhibition, as an artist with studio in Santander she invited Pedro Luis Cembranos, and as a guest artist was invited by Javier Vila.

The exhibition will run until the 24 May at the Cultural Center Casyc (Santander).