Soul Gestapo, in the second edition of “Festival Reinostomping”

soulgestapo festival reinostomping

Soul Gestapo, one of the Cantabrian more international rock bands, will be present in the second edition of Reinostomping festival, which will be held during the weekend of 19th and 20th of July in Reinosa.

With its concert on Friday  the 19th, Soul Gestapo will be the group set to open an event that will have rock and roll as the main protagonist again. Between the bill heads, it also highlights two groups from Madrid as The Government and Los Chicos, which will perform on the 20th.

Besides the concerts, which will take place at Sala Pasos of Reinosa, other activities will be held, like a scooters route covering the towns bordering the Ebro reservoir, as well as a lunch enlivened with music by Mod-Garajera.

Soul Gestapo, on September at Festival Valle de Tobalina (Burgos), is confirming new dates for its summer concerts, continuing with the presentation of its last album, “King of Fools”.

Photo: Rufus Recordings